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The FLUX®secure security light family

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In case of power failure, the orientation is often severely impaired in large rooms or tents. Before panic arises our security light (anti-panic light) FLUX®secure intervenes: An automatical start within one second after power failure and at least 3 hours brightness up to 1,920 lumens ensure highest safety standards.

Best of all, the security begins with the installation! Through its compact size (weight: from 3.2 kg) compared to conventional anti-panic lighting (about 26 kg!), FLUX®secure could simply be mounted by standing on a ladder. Additionally, more security lights can be installed in less time. This not only saves time but also money! And even the look of FLUX®secure is far ahead of its predecessors. Thanks to its small size, it can be mounted nearly invisible in tents or warehouses.

By the way: Our mobile security lighting is also available as a wireless version.

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